EPA Finalizes Formaldehyde Scoping Document; Next Steps

On September 4, EPA made available the final formaldehyde risk assessment scoping document under the Toxic Substances Control Act.  Particleboard, MDF and hardwood plywood panel products are excluded from the scope of the formaldehyde risk analysis as noted on pages 54 and 55 of the document. Not specifically excluded was hardboard, though these products have traditionally had very low formaldehyde offgassing so may be excluded by EPA from any future exposure document.  In the meantime, however, CPA plans to review the data in the association’s possession addressing formaldehyde emissions from these products.  Brock Landry has prepared a detailed summary of the scoping document for the industry.

There are some provisions in the final scoping document that will need further clarification from EPA, including how the agency plans to address occupational exposures associated with composite panel products and to clear up confusion regarding potential exposures in “co-location and co-residence” circumstances.  CPA plans to have a preliminary conversation with EPA on these matters in the next week or so.  See EPA Final Formaldehyde Scoping Document and CPA Summary.

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