CPA Revises Particleboard and MDF Shelving Technical Bulletin

CPA is pleased to announce that the Particleboard & MDF for Shelving Technical Bulletin has been revised to support multiple audiences with differing levels of mechanical engineering knowledge, including DIYers, homeowners, engineers and contractors.  The shelving bulletin, originally published in 1998, was developed to help determine maximum shelf spans for single span (supported at its ends only) and multiple spans (supported both at its ends and with a center support) for particleboard and MDF shelving. The use of span tables provides easy and straight forward design solutions for simple shelf systems, while the annexes contain information for more complicated systems. The updated bulletin includes references to board grades typically available at today’s hardware stores and wood product distributors and simplifies the technical information to make the bulletin more user-friendly.  Additionally, it gives helpful guidance on factors to consider when designing a shelving system along with example calculations for applying the engineering equations.

This is the first bulletin in a series that will be updated as part of CPA’s strategic plan to ensure technical accuracy and marketplace relevance of the association’s test methods and technical documents.  See Shelving Technical Bulletin. More Info: Gary Heroux

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