CPA Presents at EPF Meeting

CPA Chairman Steve Carroll (Arauco) and CPA President Andy O’Hare participated in the 2022 European Panel Federation (EPF) annual meeting which was held in Gent, Belgium from June 28-July 1, 2022.  Chairman Carroll presented an overview of the current state of the North American composite panel industry, highlighting the most up-to-date capacity and shipment statistics and recent trends.  O’Hare updated EPF members on North American policy developments, focusing on the status of formaldehyde and climate change advocacy in the U.S. and Canada.  He also provided an overview of CPA’s efforts to promote the sustainability of composite panels by sharing a summary of the carbon study, that CPA commissioned in 2021, quantifying the amount of carbon stored in panels over the last two decades.   The EPF presentations were focused heavily on fiber sourcing challenges and sky-high energy costs, both owing in large part to the Ukraine/Russia conflict.  See Carroll Presentation and O’Hare Presentation.  More Info:  Andy O’Hare

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