CPA Meets with EPA on TSCA Risk Assessment

CPA, along with other American Chemistry Council (ACC) Formaldehyde Panel representatives, met with EPA about the formaldehyde risk assessment the agency is conducting under the Toxics Substances Control Act (TSCA).  Three topics were addressed during the meeting, including: a review of the EPA schedule for completing the assessment, an overview of an occupational exposure data collection, and a global review of recent formaldehyde risk assessments.

EPA plans to complete a draft TSCA assessment by December 2023 and finalize it by the end of 2024. EPA acknowledged that this would be a very challenging task as the schedule includes an interagency review before the assessment is proposed, a public comment period and then a peer review by the EPA Science Advisory Committee.

EPA will host a series of meetings with the ACC Panel in 2023 as its work progresses. One meeting will discuss the Panel’s analysis of the occupational exposure data it collected in 2022 .

Lastly, the Panel shared a high level overview of recent formaldehyde risk assessment and regulatory developments from around the world to encourage EPA to consult with these other governments as its work progresses.  The complete schedule for 2023 ACC Panel meetings with EPA will be available early next year.  See Global Formaldehyde Review.  More Info:  Andy O’Hare

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