CPA Joins U.S. Chamber to Promote Infrastructure Legislation

This week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce rolled out an effort to promote the passage of federal infrastructure legislation by July 4.  CPA was among hundreds of organizations to lend its support to this legislative agenda that will leverage the shift to a Democratic-led White House and Congress.  This change in political control presents an opportunity to pass bipartisan legislation which has been a challenge to achieve in the past 8-10 years.  The legislation, while not yet drafted, will focus on several topics, including:

  • Repair and update our crumbling infrastructure;
  • Stimulate our economy and create middle-class sustaining jobs;
  • Address climate change;
  • Promote fiscally and environmentally responsible policies;
  • Improve federal project approvals; and
  • Address the digital divide.

CPA’s key focus will be to ensure the efficacy and efficiency of the transportation infrastructure network that the composite panel industry relies on to move manufacturing inputs and finished products through the supply chain and to the marketplace.  See U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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