Canadian Clean Fuel Standard Update

Following COVID-related delays, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) reinitiated the consultation process on the Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) regulations this summer. ECCC projects that 30 megatonnes (MT) of carbon emission reductions will be achieved by the clean fuels program, with 5MT generated through the use of biomass. The CFS Technical Working Group (TWG) is currently developing life cycle analysis models, land use and biodiversity criteria for eligible biomass, and mechanisms for generating carbon credits. The first set of draft regulations is expected in Fall 2020.

CPA is now a member of the CFS Multi-stakeholder Consultation Committee and has been added to the TWG expert list for composite panels.  CPA will work through these channels to ensure that biomass feedstocks used in the production of composite wood products are excluded from eligibility for credit generation under the CFS. See CFS Timeline.

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