Canada Publishes Greenhouse Gas Emission Standard for Composite Wood Panels

On November 22, Environment and Climate Change Canada published amended Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS) Regulations. The amendments include a greenhouse gas emissions intensity standard of 0.0889 tCO2e/m3 for composite wood panel production and the introduction of an annual 2% reduction of the rate for most OBPS standards retroactive to January 1, 2023. The OBPS is Canada’s federal industrial carbon emissions pricing system that applies in backstop jurisdictions, that currently only include Manitoba, PEI, Yukon and Nunavut. However the regulations could apply in other provinces in the future if a provincial or territorial system loses federal recognition as an equivalent program. The federal government will conduct an interim assessment of provincial and territorial systems in 2026 to confirm continued adherence to the federal carbon pricing benchmark for 2027–2030. See OBPS Regulations. More Info: Kevin Warkentin

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