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US Main Office
19465 Deerfield Avenue, Suite 306
Leesburg, Virginia 20176
(703) 724-1128
(703) 724-1588  fax

International Testing Center (ITC)
73 Lawson Road, Suite 101
Leesburg, VA  20175
Composite Panel Association Staff

Andy O'Hare, President, (703) 724-1128 x243

Jaime Avelar, Laboratory Assistant, (703) 724-1128 x297

Tracy Buzzell, Marketing Communications Manager, (703) 724-1128 x253

Jeannie Ervin, Chief Operating Officer, (703) 724-1128 x248

Rebecca Giles, Director of Laboratory Services, (703) 724-1128 x295

Gary Heroux, Technical Director, (703) 724-1128 x233

Farna Ighani, Lead Laboratory Analyst, (703) 724-1128 x297

Connie Klinkam, Senior Director, Technical Services, (703) 724-1128 x296

Allyson O'Sullivan, Vice President, Marketing and Meetings, (703) 724-1128 x251

Brian Sause, Director, Certification and Industry Affairs, (703) 724-1128 x231

June Sloper, Accounting/Office Manager, (703) 724-1128 x240

Tim Smiley, Quality Manager, (703) 724-1128 x298

Lori Thoden, Data Analyst, (703) 724-1128 x249

Kevin Warkentin, Director, Government Affairs, (703) 724-1128 x244

Amy Woodward, Marketing and Meetings Coordinator (703) 724-1128 x237


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Laboratory Testing/ITC

CPA Certification Programs/ECC Program

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Website Assistance/Passwords

Industry Performance Reports

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