2024 Design Trend Round Up – Part 1

Every year ushers in new design trends, welcoming fresh perspectives to any home design project. With an abundance of 2024 trends already flooding in, it may be challenging to find and incorporate climate-friendly decor without a roadmap of how to include them in your design. Below are top interior design trends that can be implemented into any upcoming project while keeping carbon out of the environment.

Warm Woods & Earthy Tones

With warm colors dominating last year’s trend reports, this movement comes as no surprise. Welcoming nature into homes showcasing the beauty of wood with its earthy tones can be as straightforward or intricate as your design dreams allow. From framing a full-length mirror to replacing a bed frame with storage components, composite wood panel products made with MDF and particleboard help warm your space with natural woodgrain textures and finishes.   

Scandinavian Design

Scandi-style embraces simplicity by combining natural elements and textures with functionality to create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere. Whether repainting a room to a bright, natural tone, updating flooring, or installing exposed beams, this style can find its way into your home with durable and lasting wood-based composite panel substrates and decorative surfaces.

Traditional kitchen in new luxury home with hardwood floors, wood beams, large island and quartz counters


Minimalism will always have a place in the design space. Yet, this year, Maximalism is meant to embrace creativity by mixing bold colors, patterns, and materials into a lived-in space filled with fun and functional components. Composite panel products layered with decorative surfaces, like TFL and 3DL, that can withstand scratches and finger-print smudges, help create memorable spaces in homes and retail stores while adding a unique yet functional design twist.

Maximalism example

Japanese Wabi-Sabi


If Maximalism seems overwhelming for a space, Japanese Wabi-Sabi may be more aligned with the style of your upcoming project. This trend will gain momentum this year as the concept’s characteristics, derived from the Japanese philosophy of finding acceptance and joy in simplicity and natural beauty, align with an increased focus on spatial wellness. You can adopt the core principles by embracing simplicity and bringing natural elements into any design with beautiful furnishings and shelving made with renewable, recycled wood, like MDF and particleboard, to center your space with simplicity and nature.

Sustainable Materials


Composite panel products strike the perfect balance of achieving a beautifully designed space with the planet in mind and allow you to incorporate sustainable design in an impactful way, no matter the project scale. From recycled wood in MDF flooring to countertops surfaced with TFL to crown mouldings you can implement climate-friendly, budget-conscious choices without compromising style, with materials­ that outperform alternatives —like cement, steel, plastic, and glass—in nearly every environmental impact category.

Check out CPA’s Design Portfolio to learn more about how these products can bring your designs to life. Learn more about the sustainability story of composite panel products here

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