2022 TFL Shipments on Par with 2021 Despite Q4 Slowdown

TFL shipments were 1.495 BSF in 2022, a slight dip of 0.02% compared to last year’s record-breaking total of 1.496 BSF. Canadian shipments were down 3.6% for the year at 644 MMSF, while U.S. TFL shipments rose 2.9% to 852 MMSF.

December TFL shipments dropped 23.2% from 2021, totaling 91 MMSF. Fourth quarter shipments were 317 MMSF, 14.6% lower than the same period in 2021.

Quarterly, the TFL Monthly Shipments Report also includes data on shipments by substrate, country of origin, two-sided lamination and print pattern, and color applications. Shipments were extrapolated based on data from 84.7% of the U.S. and Canadian industry. CPA will publish the Annual TFL Shipments Report in March summarizing 2022 shipments data. See TFL Shipments Reports.  More Info: Lori Thoden

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