CPA Presents at EPF Meeting

CPA Chairman Emilio Ayub and President Jackson Morrill participated in the 2017 European Panel Federation (EPF) meeting, held June 28-30 in Porto, Portugal.  Chairman Ayub presented an overview of the North American composite panel industry, highlighting CPA statistics on capacity, shipments, TFL and the industry’s overall economic footprint.  He also provided further details on the Mexican composite panel industry and briefly touched on NAFTA and trade between the member countries. 

Morrill updated EPF members on the EPA TSCA Title VI regulation.  Meeting highlights included a presentation by EPF staff of 10 high-level objectives for 2017-2019 and a series of presentations focused on the circular economy and cascading use of wood.  See Ayub Presentation, Morrill Presentation and EPF Press Release.  More Info: Jackson Morrill




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