EPA Opens Comment Period to Remove TSCA Title VI Labeling Prohibition

As CPA reported earlier this week, EPA published in the Federal Register on Tuesday a proposed Direct Final Rule removing in its entirety from TSCA Title VI the prohibition on labeling prior to the compliance date (Section 770.45(f)).  This Direct Final Rule will be effective on August 25, 2017 without further notice from EPA unless the agency receives adverse comment during the 15-day comment period ending on July 26.  Once the rule is in effect, manufacturers may begin voluntarily labeling composite wood products and finished goods that meet the required emissions standards.

As was done with the proposed change to the compliance dates, EPA has simultaneously published a notice of proposed rulemaking that will be used in the event adverse comment is made on the proposed Direct Final Rule.  Should EPA receive adverse comment, the agency will publish a notice of withdrawal of the Direct Final Rule in the Federal Register and then follow the process initiated by the notice of proposed rulemaking, taking into account the comments submitted during the 15-day comment period.  CPA plans to submit comments in support of the proposed amendment. 

CPA is still monitoring EPA’s proposed rulemaking to extend compliance dates and will report any updates to members as they become available.  See Labeling Direct Final Rule and Labeling Proposed Rulemaking.  More Info: Jackson Morrill   




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